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Welcome to Sunasia Best Brand Foods, Canada's Largest Chicharon Manufacturer!

Chicharon or Chicharron is a delicious snack food made from slices of cured pork skins that are deep fried.  The process turns them into puffy, tasty curls that can also be seasoned with spices. Their crisp airy texture makes it an appealing crunchy treat.  Sunasia Foods, located in Surrey, B.C. and owned and operated by the Sananikone family since the early 1990's is Canada's largest Chicharon manufacturer. 


Where to Buy Sunasia Chicharon

If you are Canadian Retailer, please contact one of our national distributers.


APO Products Ltd

5590 Finch Avenue East, Unit 1
Scarborough, Ontario, M1B 1T1  CANADA

Kenneth Ong

416 321 9690  Fax: 416 321 0614



UNO Foods Inc.

12757 Vulcan Way, Unit #103
Richmond, British Columbia  V6V 3C8  CANADA

Kendrick Ong

604-214-0360   Fax.:  604-214-0361


Lordford Inc.

1493 Antonio Barbeau
Montreal, Quebec,  H4N 2R5  CANADA

Apollo Han

514-381-9898   Fax.:  514-381-2018


C.A.S. Detail Inc.

591 Latraverse, Repentigny
Quebec, J6A 1C7  CANADA

Daniel Pelletier

514-602-7013   Fax.:   1-866-305-8077 



Sysco Calgary

4639-72nd Avenue S.E.

Calgary, Alberta, T2C 4H7 CANADA

Tel.: 403-720-1350

Sysco Kelowna

9385 Jim Bailey Road

Kelowna, B.C.  V4V 1S4 CANADA

Tel.: 250-766-0011

Sysco Vancouver

1346 Kingsway Avenue

Port Coquitlam, B.C V3C 6G4 CANADA

Tel.: 604-944-4410

Eberhardt Foods

12165 154th Street

Edmonton, Alberta, T5V 1J3 CANADA

Tel.: 780-454-8331

Capital Foods Service Inc.

9240 Place Piccasso, St-Leonard

Montreal, QC, H1P 3J8 CANADA

Tel.: 514-439-8454

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