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Chicharon or Chicharron is a delicious snack food made from slices of cured pork skins that are deep fried.  The process turns them into puffy, tasty curls that can also be seasoned with spices. Their crisp airy texture makes it an appealing crunchy treat.  Sunasia Foods, located in Surrey, B.C. and owned and operated by the Sananikone family since the early 1990's is Canada's largest Chicharon manufacturer. 


About Sunasia Best Brand Foods

Sunasia was established in the early 90's by the Sananikone family as a home based business and is now Canada's largest manufacturer of Chicharon.   Our facility is CFIA inspected with HACCP plan and  CVS program in place to ensure optimum Food safety and quality of the products for our national and international distributors.

Our factory and warehouse is located in Surrey, British Columbia.

Sunasia Best Brand Foods

17665-66A Avenue, Unit # 306
Surrey, BC Canada V3S 2A7

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